Choosing the right tanning lamp:

With so many lamps to choose from where do you start?

Step 1: Look at your existing lamp. Almost all sun tanning lamps will have a size designation or part number on the end of the lamp, many times this will be above or below the warning label.

Example: F71T12/BL/HO 5.0 BP

F = Fluorescent or FR = Fluorescent Reflector

71 = Lamp size measured from end of socket to end of socket

Lamp Description Size
Base Type
Length of Base Face to Base Face,
Do Not Include RDC Cap or Pins

F59 or FR59
58.88" to 59"
F71 or FR71 or 1.8M
69" to 69.25"
F72 or FR72
68.88" to 69"
F73 or FR73
F74 or FR74
70.88" to 71"
F75 or FR75 or 1.9M
FR78 or FR79 or 2M

T12 = Most tanning lamps are T12, the T is for Tubular & the 12 is the diameter measured in 1/8”. So 12/8ths would equal 1 ½ ” diameter.

BL = Stands for Black Light, all tanning lamps are a form of Black Light

HO = Intensity, HO is high output 80-120W, VHO is very high output 140-220W

An HO lamp will not work in a VHO application & vice versa.

5.0 = UVB %, This will vary in 100W lamps from 1.5% to 9.5%, the higher the UVB in a 100W lamp the shorter the exposure time. 1.5% = 30 minutes & 9.5% = 10 minutes.

BP = End cap designation will be either BP for Bi-pin or RDC for Recessed Double Contact.

Bi pin




Step 2: Look at the exposure schedule/warning label on your tanning unit.

Every tanning bed comes with an exposure sticker located on the front rail or near the timer. You can find your original lamp information on this sticker.

Step 3: Still not sure what you need? Give us call at 800-247-3251 & we will be glad to help you find the proper lamps for your tanning unit.

Why are shipping cost so high?:

The box may only way 10 to 30 lbs, however UPS/FedEx go by package dimensions. Due to the extra long length of the tanning tubes the dimensional weight far exceeds the actual weight. Then there are oversize fees, additional handling fees, and residential fees they also charge. So it will typically cost the same to ship one lamp as it does to ship twelve, so it's best to maximum the box & ship as many as you can as it won't effect the shipping rates much. You will notice a jump in cost from 24 or 25 lamps, depending on manufacturer, to 26 lamps, as that extra lamp has to ship in another box. 

  • 1 to 12 lamps are the same shipping cost
  • 13 to 24 lamps are the same shipping cost unless they are 1.9M or 2M lamps
  • All Red Light Therapy, 1.9 meter & 2 meter lamps only ship in 12 pack boxes.

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